best Chinese lanugage school in singapore

We asked women, which falls to them when we mention China. The most common answers were: dignity of Chinese women, cherry blossom, future language, Chinese tea, Chinese dress, Beijing trip, Chinese horoscope, Chinese cuisine, lots of kids, “again that rice”, ping pong, Chinese writing, badminton, Chinese wall. A variety of answers testify to China’s interests as well as to the cultural and linguistic interests that women, as they say, want to know more.


The East to the West has always been interesting, mystical and challenging. Perhaps because their language is challenging, their cuisine is rich and fashion refined and different, traveling to China as well as learning Chinese language and culture are today one of the growing trends in the world.


That is why we are delighted that learning about all these interesting things as well as learning Chinese is available at Haohan’s Chinese language school , the only private school in Croatia specializing in Chinese language. The school is one that conducts individual and group courses – for those who want to learn the Chinese language thoroughly in degrees and for all ages. In addition to standard and communication courses, they also offer a Chinese language course as well as a course for travelers traveling or traveling to China.


What they recommend is the Chinese language school of the Year , which is said to be the most popular course because it is the fastest, fastest and best way to know the most important degree – 1st degree. The course lasts 5 weeks, 5 days a week for 2 lessons per day, in groups of 6 – 8 attendees. But the offer is varied so everyone can choose the course that best suits him.


Teaching in Haohan’s best chinese lanugage school in Singapore is based on predetermined, always different exercises, interactive assignments, interesting and useful activities that enable students to relax in a relaxed atmosphere but with a serious work (on) the Chinese language – it is fully individualized, even when organized in a group. Professorships are the master’s degree in Chinese language and literature specializing in China – possessing knowledge and experience and a successful methodology of work. An additional advantage, of course, is the program orientation towards the Internationally Approved Exam (HSK).

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