The Right Deal for the Right Security

Try to change your daily routines. The thieves often study the movements of the members of the houses, and can get to know at what hours nobody is, and how long they take to return. Try to change the departure and ticket schedules a bit to confuse potential thieves.

  • Avoid having large amounts of money and jewelry in the house. Thieves always look for money and easy things to carry: jewelry, silver, cameras, small electronic items.
  • Do not expose expensive artifacts. More than 95% of thieves are occasional; they see something through the window that calls them attention, and that is when they decide to enter. Avoid showing, televisions, stereos, etc. The good at cctv Singapore services are the bests in these matters.

Living with tranquility and security in our house is the maximum investment we can make in it. Therefore, it is important to know that prevention is the true form of home security.

Multi-purpose doors

In this post we recommend tips to keep in mind to maintain the safety of your home:

  • The doors are a key element of a home to prevent theft. It is recommended that they be thick, solid and hard and that they have a good lock system. It is essential to lock when we are absent from home, even for just a moment. It is also important to take the necessary precautions to not lose the keys, as well as never keep them with key chains or documentation that can reveal the address to which they belong.
  • The doors must be secured with their bolts properly installed. It is good that the doors have a counter security located at the top to reinforce the entrance. In addition, they must remain closed, as well as the windows facing the street, patios or basements.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the main door has at least two closing points. When leaving it always closes with a key, not only with the slip, since it can be easily opened.
  • Check that there is no gap between the door and the floor to avoid being leveraged. To do this, it reinforces the part of the hinges with steel pivots and metal angles. The use of the reliable singapore home improvement services come up as the bests here.

Another element to take into account for home security are the windows. These are one of the weak points. You have to make sure that those that give the basements have bars, especially those that lead to unprotected yards. The chalets have a special charm for people who are dedicated to stealing, so it is advisable that all windows contain bars for their security. In addition, it is highly recommended in the windows of the home to use strong glasses and install bolts that allow a closure much more secure.

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