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Email client configuration

Email client configuration

To access mail the users can use their favourite email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple mail, pine,...) running on their desktops or use the Webmail available through the IITD main page.

The Webmail is pretty much zero configuration. Users can just point their favourite browsers at it and shoot. The users will just need to set their email addresses correctly in Options->Personal information. They will also need to install the IITD CA certificate in their browsers. Please see the certificates section for details. From September 2011, CSC also supports Roundcube webmail.

n their favourite email clients the users will need to set as their IMAP server (incoming) and as their SMTP server (outgoing). They will need to set IMAP to use port 993 (SSL) and enable authentication for outgoing mails (SMTP) over TLS (either starttls over port 25, or SSL/TLS over port 465). Screenshots for some popular mail clients are given below. Outgoing mails will require authentication. Also, the users will need to set their email addresses correctly.

Pine users can run Pine/Alpine from their own desktops, or can ssh to and run Pine/Alpine. Please note that telnet, which requires transmission of passwds in clear text over unsecured channels, is being discontinued. ssh client is available by default on all Linux and Mac clients. Windows users can download and install a popular ssh client called Putty..

How To Set up Any Email Client

Setting up an email client for the first time can seem a little complicated, but once you know a few key pieces of information, you can get almost any client up and running quickly.

The easiest way to start checking a new email account is to use a Webmail interface. This guide, however, covers setting up an email account in a local application (an email client) installed on your computer. If you prefer to use Webmail on your cPanel server, please see our New User Tutorial: Logging In To cPanel Services.

Settings for Client Email Account

Now I was stuck, so I went to the QuickBooks support website and searched for 1603. I found a number of support articles for this error number. Based on these, I tried a number of tools that Intuit provides (many that I’ve talked about before in my article on Fixing QuickBooks Problems).

To set up your email client, you’ll first need to obtain (or confirm) the email account’s connection settings. You can do that by logging into cPanel, and selecting Email Accounts under the Email heading.

If you are using a mail client listed under the Auto Configuration Scripts section at the top of the Configure Mail Client page, you may download the script for the client and protocol you wish to use by clicking on the appropriate link. However, please note that not all email clients are supported by these cPanel scripts, and the scripts may not work with the latest versions of popular clients such as Outlook or Mac Mail.

If you are unable to use the script, you can get the manual settings by clicking on the Configure Mail Client to the right of the email address in the Email Accounts section. Depending on your version of cPanel and active theme, that link may be listed under the Actions column or in the More dropdown menu to the far right of the address.

If you are unable to access cPanel to obtain the settings specific for your email account, typical settings are as follows:

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